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I get you need to balance reviewers with nominations but this seems very slow. Clear the huge backlog of proposal. →. Im trying to make sure I am not too quick etc but there are so many generic footpath signs surely they don't expect you to take long to reject those? We value your perspective in helping us make our game experiences more meaningful! You'll be able to continue the current View all 33 questions in Gyms & Battle toggle menu ... today, last week, Mar 26, 3/26/04. →. Niantic pour Web. Cette plateforme sera disponible pour les joueurs Pokémon GO éligibles avant l'an prochain, alors restez connectés pour plus d'informations. ClutterCutter October 2019 in General.

But to prevent the idiocy theyll need to disable new nominations first for the time being, Maybe we can prevent dumb stuff like this. Closed Niantic 8.1K views 390 comments 7 points Most recent by M1chaeI November 2019 October AMA Questions and Answers Closed Niantic 4.9K views 0 … Discussion.

4 months ago. You earn upgrades for agreements, not for simply reviewing. 26. Since Niantic has cancelled all their events in order to help the community in this COVID19 context it would be nice if they get a Wayfarer event done. →, Submitting a PokéStop or Gym Contribution. →, View all 16 questions in Getting Started IE10+

View all 8 questions in Events I kid you not, I've seen all of these come through Wayfarer, and more besides. You're navigating to a different app. Dresseurs, Comme vous l'avez peut-être lu sur le blog Niantic, nous sommes ravis que la version bêta de notre nouvel outil, Niantic Wayfarer, permette bientôt aux Dresseurs de Pokémon GO d'évaluer les propositions de PokéStops et d'Arènes, aidant ainsi à déterminer de nouvelles zones de… I wonder what causes those cooldowns, maybe it's when you get caught into giving 5* to fake nomination or something. Niantics vient d’annoncer son tout nouveau site, remplaçant du site OPR (Opération Portal Recon) qui permet de gérer ses demandes de Portail Ingress, Pokéstop Pokémon Go et contribuer a la validation des demandes des autres joueurs. I use wayfarer plus and it is a great tool. Thank you Niantic! If I take the upgrades I get something over 8500. It just takes time to get some of those agreements, you'll find that number rising as other people review the ones you've seen. Date within. Please reload and try again. I’d check your nominations. By participating you can help shape future adventures for yourself and others by mapping interesting locations across the globe. Give the players a reward for staying at home voting. Please switch to a modern browser like You really haven't reviewed very many.

I can’t do it anymore. Kaladesh Remastered est désormais disponible. Niantic Wayfarer and Pokémon Go: Cultural Geographies of Wayspot Reviewing During November last year, a significant new feature became available for players of Pokémon Go who had reached level 40, the maximum possible level in the game: the ability to submit nominations for new Pokéstop locations. Click continue to open this form in a new tab. toggle menu Ingress Ingress Categories Discussions Sign In. Since Niantic has cancelled all their events in order to help the community in this COVID19 context it would be nice if they get a Wayfarer event done. How do I link my Pokémon HOME account to Pokémon GO? How can my child access sponsored in-game locations? It might well be that you failed a "honeypot" submission (a submission pregraded by Niantic). I've reviewed over 250 nominations and got a 'good' rating, so assume I'm not doing too bad with them. WAYFARER. One member had 2x more upgrades than I did for roughly the same amount of reviews. Chrome,

Under “my” nominations, I have found a couple of issues. Pour en savoir plus sur Niantic Wayfarer, visitez le site Web wayfarer.nianticlabs.com. TooLegitToExist March 16. How about doggie poop disposal stations? →, View all 19 questions in Release Notes & Known Issues Vos points de vue sont vraiment déterminants et nous aident à donner toujours plus de profondeur à nos expériences de jeu ! I’m good. It feels like getting upgrades is going to take quite a few hours of reviewing. →, View all 9 questions in Safety & Security Vous devez être connecté pour publier un commentaire. Remarque à propos des différentes couleurs de billet : Selon la version de Pokémon GO installée sur votre appareil, certains dresseurs sont susceptibles de recevoir un billet de couleur différente. Announcement Closed Niantic 13.2K views 207 comments 31 points Most recent by AgentB0ss March 26 [Bug Resolved] Approved Wayspots not imported into Niantic games Announcement Niantic 3.2K views 59 comments 22 points Most recent by Gendgi March 16

Have only been going a few days though so maybe waiting on agreements. 24000+ reviews and the **** and cools downs now are obscene. Something went wrong! An agreement occurs when you vote the same way as other people on a submission (so if you vote to accept it and most other people vote to accept it, you'll get an agreement for that review). Search. →. Tagged: event; Wayfarer; 6. FireTeaM.Fr est une structure crée par des passionnés, pour des passionnés du jeu vidéo depuis 2004, la structure s’améliore de jour en jour grâce à vous ! Nothing yet. Can Shadow Pokémon learn Community Day moves when evolved? I cant see my nominations and I haven't been getting confirmation emails. Wayfarer log in issues. What are Combat Power (CP) and Hit Points (HP)? →, Field Research, Special Research & Timed Research, View all 8 questions in Trainer Progress

Entrez votre adresse mail pour suivre Nintendo Street et être notifié par email des nouvelles publications. I don't believe that is dumb. As you're reliant on other people for agreements, it can take a while for your reviews to become agreements.

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